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“Sunil, a guy is following me on a motorbike. What should I do?”

This was a frantic call he received from his sister. Given his immense background in security, he handled the situation immediately and ensured his sisters safe journey home. However he was deeply disturbed by this incident.

Sunil decided to conducted a survey to understand what women of all backgrounds face on a day to day basis. Their shocking stories inspired him to write a book on womens safety.

In 2006, Sunil authored “Women 24 Secure”, a self help book guiding women to make intellegent safety decisions and trust their instincts, through knowledge, awareness and self defencse techniques. Equipping women with the ability to protect themselves and face and any adverse situation with confidence.

“Women 24 Secure” written in English and translated in Hindi, “Mahila Sada Surakshit”, sold and distributed over 70,000 copies.