Sunil Nihal Duggal is a New Delhi-based Investor, Entrepreneur, speaker, author, and philanthropist. Through his extensive work and investments in the fields of technology, logistics, loss prevention, security, property management, and Women’s safety, he is committed to the well-being of the individual and society as a whole.

After spending most of his formative years studying in Sydney, London, the Caribbean, and Los Angeles he returned to India and pursued his PGDM from Fore School of Management and MBA from Maastricht School of Management. In 2014 – 2015. He is an avid reader, photographer, motorcycle enthusiast, and golfer.

Sunil has always followed his passions, and his first venture dates back to when he was 17 years old, wherein he set up a sound technology company, followed by ventures in textiles and real estate. His passion for the protection and safety of the people presided. Sunil launched his Security Company, providing manned guarding services, in 1999 with the motto “Commitment to the community”.

By the year 2008, he branched into the Electronic and Technology Security Solution segment. His companies have continued to show robust growth since then. He has invested and founded Companies in the Internet-of-Things; Fuel and Energy Management, Shipping and Logistics, and Utility management as well.

To Sunil, running a successful business means “finding the right people to fill the right position.”

Breakthrough technology anticipates problems; lasting companies anticipate markets. I look for companies who stay in demand through changing market conditions—no matter if I am the founder or investor. I search for ideas that anticipate a need, and people who think ahead.

After safeguarding Indian high net worth individuals and celebrities, Sunil felt every civilian should have equal access to security. He conceptualized and built a mobile application called ‘24 Response” to protect individuals on their journey home. Within a year, the app has over 1,20,000 active subscribers bringing the security of a personal bodyguard to individuals country-wide.

Sunil is recognised both by Clients and Colleagues as a professional with a high degree of personal integrity. He is known for his contagious passion for excellence, a talent for resourceful business solutions, and capacity for motivational leadership.

I am passionate about giving back to the community and always stay positive”.


Twenty 4 Ventures Group Ltd. is a business owner and angel investor in India. Protecting individuals, organizations, and cyber networks.This accredited Company has 24 Satellite offices, 7 subsidiary companies and over 10,000 employees across the verticals.

Group Companies

A leader among India’s security companies, 24 Secure Services provides the onsite manpower to protect individuals and identify, repair, and provide world-class security solutions to meet a range of client needs. 24 Secure prides itself on the detailed training and Security Ops ideology and has been recognized as the Best Security Company in India in 2004. It became the first Indian Company to train and deploy Female Bodyguards the same year. The country’s top-most hospitals, hotel chains, educational institutions, commercial complexes, multinational companies, industry, and private sector units deploy 24 Secure for the protection of their assets and employee base.


24 Secure Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. It is the electronic security system, audit, consultancy, and technology wing of Twenty 4 Ventures, providing cyber security and cyber intelligence for both corporate and government sectors in India. The company’s expertise extends across a diverse range of security-related solutions on multiple platforms and technologies. The solutions offered are end-to-end planning and execution, integration, and maintenance of building management and security systems.24 Systems has become a trusted name in the security technology industry.


Briston Technomach Private Limited is an Internet-of-things (l-o-t) Technologies company. The initial focus has been on innovation and customer experience in the domain of energy. As a cloud-based platform, it allows companies to make data-driven decisions on highly accurate fuel and energy costs, thereby reducing their carbon footprint. Our product- ‘Fuelark’ has brought excellent operational efficiencies through highly accurate monitoring of fuel/energy consumption, potentially saving billions of dollars each year in lost fuel cost All this is achieved while we are making the environment greener.


24 Response is a technology-based, on-demand, personal protection and safety service App, which ensures immediate On-call and In-person Response & assistance in an emergency and any distress situation. Our vision of making personal protection available to all individuals became possible, with the development of this mobile app that can be installed on all IP-enabled devices, giving the security of a personal bodyguard to every individual for just $5 a month. With trained Bodyguards, Medical assistants, doctors, technical service-men, and on-call responders, 24 response insures that 100,000+ civilians return home safely – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Built on the same principles as the Book Sunil Authored, “Safe Women Foundation”(SWF) was formed in 2008. SWF is a non-profit, non–political organization, an NGO registered as a society with the Government of India under the Registration of Societies Act of 1860. SWF’s Mission is to work for the security, personal safety, protection, and empowerment of women with a special focus on the urban working woman. For 10 years, with the support of Women groups, patrons, and martial arts experts (from PTK), the foundation has been dedicated to equipping women with knowledge and fearlessness conducting workshops and touring hospitals, schools, call centers, malls, airlines, banks, mnc’s among others to teach women and schoolgirls self -defense and safety techniques.


The Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (PTK) system is one of the few remaining authentic and complete Filipino combat systems in existence today. It type of Martial Art is trained and executed in combat and survival by military operators, law enforcement officers, and citizens across the free world. Twenty 4 Ventures Promotes PTK in India and trains the special forces, Army, NSG, Marcos, STF with their close combat techniques.PTK is a close-quarter, in-fighting combat system against multiple opponents based on the use of the Blade. Pekiti-Tirsia is a system of complete strategies and tactics utilizing all close-quarters weaponry, at all ranges, which provide protection from strikes and attacks, destruction of opponent’s weapons, and domination of any combat or self-defense situation. Pekiti Tersia Kali is headed by India’s most well known Martial Arts Grand Master – Kanishk Sharma

Book Launch

Smt. Sonia Gandhi
UPA, Chairperson

UPA Chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi introducing ‘Women 24 Secure’ (Version in Hindi) to the participants and delegates at International Women Day

Book Launch

Smt. Gursharan Kaur
Wife of Hon. PM

Wife of Hon. Former PM Smt. Gursharan Kaur introducing ‘Women 24 Secure’ (Version in Hindi) to the participants and delegates at International Women Day

Book Launch

Mr. Sunil Nihal Duggal
Founder 24 Secure & Author


“Sunil, a guy is following me on a motorbike. What should I do?”

This was a frantic call he received from his sister. Given his immense background in security, he handled the situation immediately and ensured his sister’s safe journey home. However, he was deeply disturbed by this incident.

Sunil decided to conduct a survey to understand what women of all backgrounds face on a day-to-day basis. Their shocking stories inspired him to write a book on women’s safety.

In 2006, Sunil authored “Women 24 Secure”, a self-help book guiding women to make intelligent safety decisions and trust their instincts, through knowledge, awareness, and self-defense techniques. Equipping women with the ability to protect themselves and face any adverse situation with confidence.
“Women 24 Secure” written in English and translated in Hindi, “Mahila Sada Surakshit”, sold and distributed over 70,000 copies.




Sunil is constantly updated with the local / National and International news. At an unfortunate event of any natural disaster that occurs, Sunil and his family are at the forefront trying to help those in need. Whether it means sending truckloads of clothing, medical and food supplies to the people in badly affected areas or personally giving aid to the hundreds of homeless men, women, and children who need it locally.

Twenty4 Ventures, Formally Vision Group, And its client LG Electronics gave a donation for the Tsunami Relief Fund to the former Prime Minister in 2006


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